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Pet Central Helps! - July 20th 9am-1pm (Bloomington)

We will be making snuffle mats to be sold for funds to go to Pet Central Helps. These are the cutest mats made out of plastic sink mats and have fleece fabric strips knotted to them. Most of all, it is a great enrichment tool for the animals which use the mats. It can slow down the pet that eats too fast or is a useful tool to hide some tasty treats. Our goal is to make at least 30 mats! Those who are at the event, get the first chance to purchase them for their own pets. The remainder of the snuffle mats will be sold outside of the event. Depending on size, the mats range from $10 to $20. All proceeds go to Pet Central Helps!

Aug 3
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Aug 3
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