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About Peace & Applique Quilt Shop

peace & Applique Quilt Shops were founded to provide a beautiful space to showcase quilts while inspiring those around us to join in the experience of making their own masterpieces.  We have two brick and mortar shops as well as a huge online presence. Our fabrics include a wide selection of batik, contemporary, traditional, novelty and designer fabric lines.specializes in modern and contemporary quilting fabrics and patterns. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. Subscribe to our email list, like us one facebook, follow us on instagram, and subscribe to our You Tube channel to be the first to know about new fabric arrivals and activities at the shops.

HISTORY of the SHOPS -Established 1997

These exciting shops had a humble beginning.One of Lois's daughters who lived in New York decided to grace the Weissberg family with their first grandchild.  Becoming a grandmother caused Lois to want to become a quilter.  Off she went to the Saturday PBS show to find instruction from Eleanor Burn's Quilt in a Day program. Lois created a Teddy Bear Around the World quilt for her first grandchild Erik.  That's all it took to making quilting a part of her DNA.

For one of her following birthdays, Lois’s daughter gave her an overnight quilt class at the only local quilt shop which was located in Auburn, IL. Lois and Gretchen (and her newborn daughter Maddie) met there to learn how to piece on their first large quilts, Friendship Star in a Log Cabin.  Again - that was it, now they were both hooked! At the end of the class they enjoyed breakfast on the Auburn square then ventured back to Rochester.  They headed to the corner of John and Main (the only retail space in Rochester at the time.  Gretchen said - “It’s easy, we’ll just buy the shop and move it here”. A couple months later, that’s what happened.

In 2016, almost twenty years after starting the first shop, we decided we needed a space closer to home for the Quistgaard’s.  We found a cute retail building to buy in Bloomington.  The intention was to provide a Bernina Sewing Machine shop and a  establish a sewing machine repair space for all brands. Of course when we got into the space, we needed to decorate. Quickly there were beautiful quilts on the walls and stunning fabric on display shelves. The shop was so popular we knew we would need to expand.

Driving one Sunday from Peoria to Bloomington, we took an early turn onto Mitsubishi Parkway.  At the end of the road we took a quick left and right, and drove up a hill to a quaint mid-modern house and barn.  Just think!  We could move the shop to the barn and finally have a retreat space!   So that’s what happened next.  May of 2018 was the opening on the peace & Applique Quilt Barn and Retreat Center. 

Who knows what is next!