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Frequently Asked Questions

Sewing Machine Service

What machines do you service?
We service all brands and types of machines.  From Bernina, Babylock and Brother, to Janome, Viking, Pfaff, you name it, we work on it.

We also service vintage machines like Singer Featherweights and Slant 221's. Even treadles can be refreshed if needed.  Professional machines also fall into our scope. Sergers, Long Arms and Embroidery machines  can also be serviced. Call if you have questions about your specific needs.

How often do I need to oil my sewing machine?
Depends upon the brand and the type of machine.  In general, drop in bobbin machines do not need oiling. They do however need a yearly cleaning and service.  Front load machines need oil every two to four bobbins, depending on size of bobbin.  Use a clear machine oil like ZOOM to oil your machine.

Sewing Machine Embroidery Designs

What Sewing Machine Embroidery Designs are good?
We have many designers we have found to provide good quality product.  Our favorites include Anita Goodesign, Kimberbell, Pickle Pie Designs and Edge to Edge by Amelia Scott.  We have lots of other designers in our product offering.  CLICK HERE to go to our online store.

What threads do you use for machine embroidery designs?
We like the following threads: CLICK ON THREAD TO GO TO ONLINE STORE.

       Glide Thread from WonderFil Thread Company

       Isacord Thread

What size of needle do you use when doing Machine Embroidery?
Typically a Size 90 needle is good for machine embroidery.  That size may vary based on the type of thread you are using.  For thinner threads an Embroidery 75/11 needle could be used for thread 60 weight and above.  For thicker threads an embroidery 90/14 needle could be used for thread 50 weight and below. The larger the needle, the larger the hole will be in the fabric you use. Be sure to test the fabric and stabilizer you choose and determine what needle works without leaving holes bigger than the thread in your fabric.  Using a needle too small will cause thread breakage and puckering of your fabric. This is why matching the needle to the thread and the fabric creates the best outcome.

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