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Sweet Tooth

Lollipops, cookies, cakes, oh my! These sugary sweets are sure to catch your eye.
We all know that the best part of the day is when it comes time for dessert. Whether you love cookies, cakes, candies, or more, these sugary sweets are sure to give you a sweet tooth. To make things better, we adorned each of these desserts with a heart to symbolize our love for the sweets.
Included in this collection are 15 designs in multiple sizes to fit your different project needs! The first 6 designs in the collection are larger designs that would look great on bags, placemats, seat cushions and more. The remaining designs are isolated designs that can be used in smaller projects such as coasters, small throw pillows, clothing, and other fun, creative ideas.
Have fun with Sweet Tooth, and see what kind of sweet projects you can cook up with these beautiful designs!