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Animal Bags

We know our customers love to make all different types of bags. Over the years we have released a variety of project bag collections, but never one quite like this. With that being said, we are excited to introduce the Animal Bags Collection!

This unique project includes 15 adorable fully lined bags, which are perfectly sized for small items of your choice. We think they would make great gifts for children to organize items in the nursery or hold all of their art supplies like crayons and markers. They can also be used as convenient travel bags for cosmetics and toiletries or simply used to organize knick knacks like phone chargers and spare change. You could even stitch them all out and fill the cute critter bags with delicious goodies to give to all your friends and family! We guarantee you will love the finished project. The tutorial will show you exactly how to create the Animal Bags in a few easy steps.

Designed by Anita Goodesign