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Create Your Own Fabric Strips

?Quilters are known for taking a perfectly good piece of fabric and cutting it into little pieces in order to create a fabric design that is truly personalized and one of a kind. What if we told you we are going to show you how do it completely in your hoop?! This project is specifically designed to teach you how to create your own fabric strips. Not only will you create a fabric that no one else has seen, but piecing your own fabric strips together will add new dimensions and segments to your fabric.
Like we said, the process is done completely in your hoop and is very simple! There is no need to measure or sew different angles, you simply just follow our folded fabric technique to create these beautiful strips of fabric. Once you have made your strips, you can use them instead of just one traditional piece of fabric. Learn how to create beautiful fabric strips in three simple steps. Using our folded fabric technique, you can create your own fabric strips to use in any embroidery or quilting project.
Excited? We are too! That's why we have included a full design collection to make a folded fabric quilt using your fabric strips. You will love how you can add different angles and affects to a quilt block that would have not been possible before.
You now have the tools to become the Picasso of your own fabric!