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Glamour Bags

We all love creating bags in our hoops and since 2007 Anita Goodesign has released over a dozen different in the hoop zippered bag collections. You are probably asking, “What makes this collection different?” This is the first time we have created a zippered bag collection that is completely lined in the hoop. Yes you heard me correctly, there is a separate lining that is added into the In the Hoop technique so you will have a beautiful bag with a finished lining! As for the theme we chose glamorous sayings and icons so that these bags can be perfectly used for cosmetics, accessories or anytime you want to make a statement. They can even be used on their own as clutches. As if that wasn’t enough, each title comes in a different shape! There are 14 different bags in this collection and they come in squares, rectangles, circles and even a slice of pizza. These bags will make great gifts and you will love stitching them.

Designed by Anita Goodesign