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Seasonal Napkin Rings & Lace Borders

Create a dining setting that your guests won’t forget! Seasonal Napkin Rings and Lace Borders will help you make the perfect table setting in only a few simple steps with these easy-to-make napkin rings, complete with coordinating lace borders for your napkins! With 6 different design sets, including a pairing for all four seasons as well as Christmas and Fourth of July, you’ll have a napkin ring for any occasion.

Gone are the messy paper napkins that rip, fall apart, and look unattractive at the holiday table. Instead, break out these embroidered add-ons to your dining room setting and create the perfect guest atmosphere for any occasion.
These pairings are perfect for your next family gathering, or even use them year round! Stitch one of the coordinating ring and lace borders for your dinner linens and your next formal setting is sure to look picture perfect!

Designed by Anita Goodesign