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That's a Wrap! Handle Covers

When we came up with the idea for refrigerator handle wraps, we wanted to do two things - make something that looks stylish in your kitchen, and create a functional project that will help keep your kitchen appliance handles clean. Not only do these designs look great on your appliances, but they prevent all those messy ?ngerprints and smudges as well!

These were created for refrigerator handles, but also work great for microwaves, ovens, trash compactors, dishwashers, BBQ handles, or anything that is a similar size to a standard refrigerator handle. We have created 12 separate handle wraps with folded fabric and decorative stitches in two sizes each that tie in wonderfully with each other. Within those 12 designs, 3 of the handle covers were digitized in a way that you can add any of the 5 freestanding 3D ?owers included in this collection, creating a striking dimensional effect.

Our refrigerator handle covers are great gift ideas for any cook! When using coordinating fabrics and threads, these handle wraps work wonderfully with other kitchen projects we have created in the past to create your very own custom stitched kitchen décor!