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Anita's Express - From Me To You

Special occasions call for special gifts and the best gifts are always the ones that show that you took a little more time and effort. There's nothing that shows time and effort like creating one of these beautifully embroidered 3D gift tags to adorn your wonderful gifts! Each gift tag features a 3D element that makes them pop right out at you, giving a brand new look to the traditional gift tag. We really aimed to make these tags more versatile so that they could be used no matter the occasion! Show your loved ones you care with the From Me To You Anita's Express.
A simple two-hoop process is used to create these unique 3D gift tags! Each design leaves a ribbon hole, allowing you to add decorative ribbons to your gift tags and hang them onto your presents! To create a more polished finish, we apply a back fabric to the back of our hoop to hide all of the stabilizer and bobbin stitches on our finished design!