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Anita's Express - Hand Stitched Christmas Pillows

These elegant hand stitched Christmas pillows will surely put you in the holiday spirit! This is the first Anita's Express where we show you how to create a pillow. These designs couldn't be more perfect. Get ready to fall in love with decorating your house for Christmas this year! For this collection we are using the hand stitch technique. This is a 5-ply stitch to really give the designs interest. The creation of pillows are perfect with the hand stitch look because the stitches aren't as bulky as other embroidered designs, which creates a cozy pillow for your couch or chair! If you're wanting to create smaller pillows or place your design on a bag, there are different sizes available for each design. Having these other sizes allows you to use these elegant embroidery designs on basically anything; bags, shirts, or even framed artwork!
Who doesn't love decorating for Christmas already? Now you'll really be able to show off your skills with these Hand Stitched Christmas pillows. We show you step-by-step how to create a pillow from your embroidery design.
Release Date: July 2016