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Anita's Express - Puffy Banner Flag

Have you ever wanted to create a unique banner for a celebration or birthday? Well, here is your chance! No need to go buy a cheap paper version when you can have this one of a kind embroidered banner! You'll have everyone wondering where you found this beautiful embroidered letter banner! In this project, we use Soft Soft, High Loft underneath the applique fabric for the letter. By doing this, the letter literally looks like its popping off of the banner! We utilized stabilizing stitches to ensure the puffy filling stays in place while stitching. This design pack is a Free-Standing project, which means you will be able to see both sides of the design! By using a tear-away stabilizer and adding fabric to the back side of the hoop, your banner will look clean no matter which side someone sees! I bet you're wondering-- how do I hang this banner? Well we recommend ribbon and twine. We have built in marking stitches to show where and how to place ribbon loops at the top of each piece. They will stay attached to the design and will also be the perfect sizes to slide twine through to finish the decorative banner look.
Release Date: April 2016