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Zipper Bags 1 2 3

Every time we host an event we must, must, must create a zippered bag. At our latest embroidery parties, the attendees were able to vote on what project was stitched first. Do you want to know what was chosen at every event? You guessed it, a zippered bag. So we said, how can we take a zippered bag and make it even more exciting? How about we make it a 1,2,3 project.
You have never created a zippered bag like this before.
With this Special Edition we've taken one of everybody's favorite projects and made our zippered bags more customizable than ever before! With different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and merge-able embroidery designs like monograms and isolated designs, you can combine all of your favorite elements to create dozens of different bags for any occasion! We have even included an entire section on creating your own fabric to be used when constructing you zipper bag. We guarantee your zipper project will be truly one of a kind.