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Pledge of Allegiance

Over the last few years we have created prayers and sayings in the tile scene format. Those that enjoyed designs like The Lord's Prayer, Serenity Prayer and Footprints in the Sand are sure to love Pledge of Allegiance! The designs have a beautiful hand shaded ?ag as a background and a giant majestic eagle in the foreground. The eagle is shaded completely by hand, creating a beautiful, detailed finish.

The Pledge of Allegiance words are the final step in each block and they really bring the design together. This design can be used with or without the words and both versions look great! There are 9 different blocks and each of the blocks come in 4 different sizes. There is also an optional border included. The border uses a unique folded fabric chevron pattern to hide the seams. The border is comprised of 16 different pieces. The following tutorial will show you everything you need to know to create a beautiful tile scene that you will enjoy for years to come.